Emerald scrubs melt in jade light

Room shifts fuzzes all around

In my hazed out trembling sight


Needle enters I have drowned

Gushing liquid through my veins

Ears fill throbbing squelching sound


Weighted limbs tied up in chains

Surgeon inhales beryl mask

Scalpel raised each muscle strains


Slices in begins his task

Plenty blood to fill the cask


© All Rights Reserved Caroline Adele O’Brien


My Cave

SpaceMy cave is cold

But I know it

It is dark

But my eyes have adjusted

It is silent

But I do not mind, so much

My cave is sorrowful

But in it I find

A strange kind of comfort

I decorated it once

And it became home

When I’ve been away

Dancing in the light

And somehow find myself back there

I feel the same cold

The same darkness

The same silence

The same desire to stay.




In my body, dark insects cling.

My soul grows weary of their sting.

They run my body, while I cry.

Today, the other two will die.




They’re out to get me, this I know.

They’ll wring my neck and kill me slow.

But in the grave, I’ll never lie.

Today, the other two will die.




They’ll never see this sharpened knife,

Until it’s sliced away their life.

I’ll hook their skin and beat it dry.

Today, the other two will die.



© All Rights Reserved Caroline Adele O’Brien


To know the future

Is to know the horror to come

To know what stalks us

Calling from the darkness inside


How do I explain

The forces that words can’t describe?

Who can believe me

And stop them before it’s too late?


These words I speak, these things I feel

I want you to understand, and see it is real

My will grows weary, strained is my breath

All that’s left now is to wait for…

The Keeper of the Walls

inside wall_hdr

The Storm is moving closer

The peace, the security;

Anger strikes out knowing no reason.

The weakness to be strong

the elusive quality of tears;

a sorrow lifted.

The knowledge of the alluding strength

– my salvation –

The holy water of your tears

turns me to bitter wine.

– Goodbye –

The walls cannot crumble

The heart does not break apart, evenly

The intensity of feeling, the passionate emotion;

Nearness, togetherness…

Distance, innocence…

– Au Revoir –

To know my soul, my heart

open the windows, my windows…

Look behind the curtain

to my soul, through my eyes

– Welcome –

The Keeper of the Walls

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.