Behind the Steel Door

The double thickness steel door opens wide
Musty darkness gaping from within
Iron hooks hanging from the wooden beam
The chamber’s ready, so is the team

An unwilling, squealing pig
To tear your heart apart
Four strong hands push inside
Then, the door is shut

Outside, life rolls on; inside, one will be cut
Faint little squeals reach my young heart
Then, all is quiet – the deed is done

The double thickness door opens wide
Ah, the steamy gory sight chokes your throat
Fresh, steaming blood crawls up your nose
And enters your living, heaving lungs

From the pink warm carcass crucified
Slit in half and opened up
Hot crimson liquid pours into a tin bowl
For your dinner tomorrow night
Blood sausages – the ones you like so much

Blood everywhere, thick and sticky
Steaming on the floor, on the walls
And on the butchers’ white coats
Pulsing red like Lady Macbeth
Like the hands of the butcher men

Quick, get some water, clean up the mess
The pig’s no more!
Come on, folks
Buy some fresh pork

© irina dimitric 2012

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