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Welcome to the Kintsugi Poets Society BlogHop

Theme ~ The Darkness

Broken words whispered in The Dark

Join us for 7 days of Dark Poetic Beauty that will pierce your soul and tear open your heart.

Enter into the dark, unseen spaces of our hearts and souls

and listen to the broken whisperings of our unspoken thoughts.

This is a week to celebrate the terrible beauty of words that can pull a tear from your eye, wrench a cry from your heart and uncage the power of the soul.

21stJuly ~ 28thJuly
7 days of Dark Beauty that pierces the Soul

I am very proud to introduce you all to The Kintsugi Poets Society.

The inspiration behind The Kintsugi Poets Society has been pregnant in my mind for a long time now. I wanted to form a society of poets as passionate about poetry as I am. I envisioned a society of poets sharing the dark, unseen spaces of their souls and hearts, whispering the unspoken thoughts in their minds. Poetry is the true balance in the world for me.  It is the dark to the light and the light to the dark…

Much like the ancient Art of Kintsugi

The story of KINTSUGI may have begun in the late 15th century, when the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa sent a damaged Chinese tea bowl back to China to be fixed. It returned held together with ugly metal staples, launching Japanese craftsmen on a quest for a new form of repair that could make a broken piece look as good as new, or better. Collectors became so enamored of the new art that some were accused of deliberately smashing valuable pottery so it could be repaired with the gold seams of kintsugi.

Kintsugi ~ That means “golden joinery” or “golden seams” in Japanese, and it refers to the art of fixing broken ceramics with a lacquer resin made to look like solid gold. Chances are, a vessel fixed by kintsugi will look more gorgeous, and more precious, than before it was fractured.

For me Kintsugi encapsulates and defines what poetry means to me. I am thankful that the members of The Kintsugi Poets felt the same and have joined me in this vision of a Society that lies beneath the cage of my heart.

The vision is born.

This is The Kintsugi Poets Society.

These are The Kintsugi Poets.

Meet My Soul Brothers & Sisters - The Kintsugi Poets
Meet My Soul Brothers & Sisters – The Kintsugi Poets

Poetry is the flesh to my bone, the soul to my heart, the thought to my mind, the breath to my lungs. Without poetry I am a skeleton with no sight, no imagination, no soul and no individuality. Poetry is how I process the world around me. Poetry is the glint of moonlight in the midnight sky. Poetry is the lightning bolt in a world of grey mist. Poetry is passion. Poetry is life.


Soul Wings

If writing words are the Bare Bones of me,

then Poeme` is the ephemeral Soul of me

Bones are formed from dust

flesh out the form of my shadow

Poeme` the intangible core of my being

the breath of life to my shadow

Without the breath divinely inspired

I am but a lost thing having no heart, no core, no soul

My soul is not anchored in my flesh

but soars within the cage of my earthly body

This too is the beautiful tragedy of  Poeme`

Flesh pulls the oxygen from the air

my core pulls divine inspiration into streaming flight

~ the uncaged bird is set free ~

I can no more cage this poeme`

to trap my soul in earthly realms hollows my flesh

Poeme` is life fleshed into my Bones

A place where the intangible is material

A window through which the tears of God

break open the unseen cracks in a heart

A Love divine and Light surreal

is my heart free, my soul uncaged

the Bird of Poeme` soaring into the heavenly realms.

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning

Expansion by Paige Bradley
Expansion by Paige Bradley
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