Ashes to Ashes

From dust, I am made.

connected to the earth

feet on the pulse of the molten core

electromagnetic communication that shudders

up through vents and cracks in fumes and frozen static screams

cancelling out the voice of the past

my long stone strides toward some starry respite

begging sanctuary from meteoric  missteps

our trek toward the horizon slows to a shuffle

hands of long-dead kings coldly clutch

my ankles, dragging me down

in retribution for the tragedies of eons past

like leaden weights upon my existence

We live out our lives in the wheel of time

and all our deeds are but echoes of the past and the future.

recaptured recycled reused and reborn

the earth yawns and I am wholly swallowed

The cycle begins anew

and to dust I shall return.

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