The Voice

Awoke in a dense foggy forest
Moss corpses hung from the trees
As shadows moved like predators

Arose painfully and questioned existence
Was I being punished for my negligence?
I had given up on writing poetry and life

An owl stared, asking me whoo I was
I questioned my very soul for answers
I stumbled into nowhere, unsure of everything

Fear moved within me as my heart beat faster
It seemed eyes were watching my every step
I chilled, surrounded by eerie unseen sounds

Climbed up a hill as my feet slipped in loose rock
There! A blur from in the corner of my eye
I stopped; watched it slowly move above me

Falling to the ground, I hit my head on a rock
Through the black void came an unknown voice
“Time to choose entrance; the pit or gate”

“I was sent to say, make your choice, run or face.”
I ask, “What is this beast that stalks me constantly?”
“It is the manifestation of all your fears and doubts”

I awoke again, seeing a black panther running at me
Fear of failure gripped me as a claw slashed my arm
Somehow I ran headlong into the black forest

There in the bushes cried a small baby, all alone
The panther had spotted it and bounded toward us
I shunned my fear, grabbed the neck of the black beast

It turned into a shadow, an impotent apparition
I viewed the baby closer and saw that it was me
And the voice said, ”Are you ready to try life again?”

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