Limboesq…by richard lynn livesay #COFFIN HOP

Buried alive

intrepid vines choke life with anger
ripple through mine fields in slander
with snakes and blackened salamander

worms slurp my brain in warring militias
splitting my thoughts, forgetting my wishes
then mirrors reflect my life as fictitious

my status now cracked, a mossy symbol
I hang in effigy no one claims to resemble
anonymously, my hand begins to tremble

rotting in my tomb, I begin to fall
through that dark vacated wall
my screaming silenced, my last call

a poet I was, unknown and frazzled
blinded by words I tried to unravel
a race to nowhere in a pit of gravel

dungeons and daemons my pen did supply
with dank decomposition of flesh nearby
now buried alive, I sigh my last sigh

in a journey unknown of borrowed sorrow

I feel the fabric of entrapment
Like Poe’s prison of morbid enchantment
and I once again become a tiny fragment
suspended in a void like a damaged magnet

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