#CoffinHop – Night of the Sidhe

Moon Clouds


Night of the Sidhe


The sun falls low, behind the hills

as the gloaming casts the land

in shadow and in fading light

and the wind blows over the water.


In the half-light they come…


They come to dance,

They come to play,

with we trusting mortal souls.


So lock tight the oaken door,

slide the iron bolt against the night.

Stoke the hearth fire high

and croon your children a lullaby.


In the half-light they come…


They come on moonbeams,

They come on the breeze,

Those wisps, those Fae, the Sidhe.


In the half-light they come…


So shiver, humans, as they pass,

secure your shutters fast.

Lest they take you with them.


In the half-light they have come…

They have come to laugh,

They have come to sing,

their beautiful voices, calling


For mortals everywhere…


To join their night,

to glory in their light,

to frolic with the fireflies,

and whisper to the trees.

While the wolf howls on the hill

and the wind tickles at the ear.

In the rivers the salmon speak,

and the stones scream from the earth.

Dance with the Sidhe, they cry,

dance my lovelies, and be free.


For in the half-light they come…

to reap from mortals everywhere


They sing of bliss,

and feasts and joy,

they dance in beauty,

in light serene.

They tell of paradise,

let you walk with gods;

in the night you live

an age of wonders.


In the half-light…

With your mortal soul…


They are splendour to behold

Captivating, mesmerizing,

tossing your dreams in the air,

offering harmony and joy.


A heaven in the half-light…


But as with all things,

a price must be paid.

To look upon immortal light

and dance with gods,

even for one eve,

such play will leave its mark.

A longing on the heart.


Of mortals everywhere…


With the dawn, a fortunate few

will depart with them

and leave behind this world of men.

The rest will remain upon the earth,

left here, lost in their wake

cursed to wander to their tune.

Friends will fall away,

love will wither.

As their song consumes.


In the half-light they come for you…

As they came for him…


Night after night,

they beckoned to his will.

Night after night,

he answered them.

He danced, he laughed,

in glades, on moonlight,

but never again with me,

only ever with them.

A pawn turning in their game.


In the half-light they took my love…


They toyed with him, used him,

until his bones lay white,

broken on the ground

under their feet.


Glinting in the half-light…


So heed me well,

when I tell you true

to lock tight your oaken door

and slide fast that iron bolt

against the night.

Ignore not my words

to stoke the hearth fire high

and croon your children a lullaby

to drown their song.


In the half-light they come…


They come on pale moonbeams,

They come on the howling wind,

those wisps, those Sidhe,

those dark of heart.

Hear my warning, I cry


To mortals everywhere,

In the half-light they will come…

 © All Rights Reserved A. F. Stewart

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6 thoughts on “#CoffinHop – Night of the Sidhe

  1. Beautifully written, you can dance to the rhythm of the lines, a slow floating-like dance, just as one would imagine fairies to move. I really enjoyed reading the story.

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