Purification by Ash Krafton #CoffinHop


by Ash Krafton


It was the most beautiful of snow falls–

serenity fell in a hush

thick flakes shushing onto branch and bush

to lie undisturbed, spreading a sweet clean shroud over the still outpost

and the silence was a prayer that smogged out in a thick layer.


Even the wilds were subdued and still–

no bird nor forest-dweller broke the smoky, breathless twilight

or the cold bright morning that followed

when all that remained of the extermination

was the heart-aching beauty of crystalline stillness.

Cobalt shadows and fiery sunrise played upon the uneven field of white

gentle shades echoing the intense blazes that had long burned out.


If a single survivor remained to witness this singular scene

surely he’d have sworn upon his life

that the village had been touched by God’s hand,

littered with angels’ down, a wintery blessing

But the spoilers are gone, the outpost departed.

Silence lies undisturbed, a town denied sound

by the advent of untimely season’s end.


When Spring comes–if Spring comes–

the snow will melt, a quiet memory

revealing the men now dead and gone.

Dragons had cleansed the land.

Ruin of body and town

char and blood and terror and grief

extinguished, interred,


and gone.



I wasn’t kidding when I invited you to hop with us.


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