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Hush my little one, dry your tears
Sleep my child, forget your fears

Mummy’s here now, you’re safe and sound
The ghūls are far away, underground

The graveyard’s their home, and there they stay
So you’re safe from them, if you keep away

They need to feed, do beware
So let another, find their lair

Let their sacrifice, feed their lust
And give their life, for someone must

Else the ghūls will stray, into town
Choose a target, and strike them down

When they come, they’ll cause no fuss
Because they’ll change form, to one of us

They lure their victims, with such disguise
So remember this trick and don’t trust your eyes

The one way to tell, if it’s a ghūl
Is by their hooves, that’s the rule

What’s that you say? You see my feet
Yes they are hooved, but there’s no retreat

Your mummy’s already dead, I drank her blood
It tasted delicious, a warm dark flood

And as her life, began to fade
I thought of you and my mind was made

I’ll eat you first, and then the rest
Because I like… Children best

So be still my dear and don’t you cry
Your tears won’t save you, it’s time to die


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6 thoughts on “HUSH MY LITTLE ONE #CoffinHop

  1. Thank you all! I did particularly enjoy writing this one I must confess… In my head I imagined the twist having quite an impact, and I think (hope!) I achieved that 🙂

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