Darkness, where do you end, and I begin?

My love of night, and desire to stay hidden

You’ve been with me, a very long time

Have taken up a piece, of every corner of my mind

But I do not dislike you, or think you bad at all

Life without you? I cannot recall

I’d be lost without you, to get lost in

Indeed, I do not know, where I end and you begin

Who Holds My Heart?

Do people see my tears?

Do they find them endearing?

See the spirit behind them?

I fear not.

And lo, the sadness increases.

To suffer is one thing,

But to do it alone

Quite something else.

Show me your sorrow

And I’ll show you your soul.

Look in my eyes

And I’ll grasp for your heart

Strive to hold it up.

Who even knows my heart?

Which earthly being has endeavored to search it?

To care for it and to always carry it with them

Regardless of where we each go?

Some hearts I hold, for a time.

And a few, I do believe, for life.

But whom can I claim holds mine at all?

At all.

No-one has me at all.

The Void

The void

Between being awake and being – not

That hateful place

Between rest and unhappy limbs, writhing

How does one escape?

I’m stuck

Too tired to function

Too aware to sleep

How do I escape?

I’m frustrated


With a heavy head

Eyes too sensitive for light

Spirit floating, searching for thought

How can I escape?

Either side of the fence, I happily will go

But in between?

On this no man’s land?

Here contentment is no word

Please let me escape!

My Cave

SpaceMy cave is cold

But I know it

It is dark

But my eyes have adjusted

It is silent

But I do not mind, so much

My cave is sorrowful

But in it I find

A strange kind of comfort

I decorated it once

And it became home

When I’ve been away

Dancing in the light

And somehow find myself back there

I feel the same cold

The same darkness

The same silence

The same desire to stay.