Midday Terror ~ #CoffinHop

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Midday sunshine
Church bells ring through
Steamy fields
Farmers run for shelter
Helter skelter
Some climb up tall trees

Twelve bell strikes resound
The Midday Witch
Comes out of ground
Black snakes peak
From underneath
Her black peaked hat
The old bat
Is on the way
To catch her prey

Groan she does and cackles:
I will get you all
Hee hee hee
I’ll put you all in shackles
My faithful snakes will
Bite and smite
I’ll bake you in a cake
Or grill you as a steak
So there!
Hee hee hee

Now then
Wriggly, hissing beasts
From underneath
The black peaked hat released
Enjoy rampaging
An orgy staging
For Midday Witch’s feast!

Church bells ring
Angels sing
The Midnight Knight will bring
His mighty dagger
Keep at bay
The hissing mob
No child will ever sob
So there!

War now rages rife
Midnight Knight
A fair fight fights
For precious life
His dagger swishes, slashes
Red blood splashes all around!

The Midday Witch at last
Concedes defeat
With her wriggly, hissing band
She makes a swift retreat
Down the gaping hole
In blood-stained ground

Church bells ring
Children sing
What a day it’s been!
To Midday Witch
They bid goodbye
So long!
Until next year
At Halloween!


Copyright ©2014 Irina Dimitric


Spooky Door ~ #CoffinHop


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There is someone outside the door.
Through the glass I see him pace.
The haunting dream I want no more.

His threats are harsh, “Open the door!
Or you shall know the worst disgrace!”
There is someone outside the door.

Are the threats real, or is he just a bore?
Quick, the door I’ll bolt. Just in case.
The haunting dream I want no more.

It won’t shut! I can’t bolt the blasted door!
He’ll get us now, I know. No hiding place.
There is someone outside the door!

The door remains ajar. We’re done for!
For us there is no breathing space.
The haunting dream I want no more.

At times, the wartime blood and gore
my sleep envelops in a black embrace.
There is someone outside the door.
The haunting dream I want no more.


Copyright © 2014 Irina Dimitric


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The Legend of St Basil’s Cathedral – #CoffinHop


The Tsar of all Russia, Ivan the Terrible,
stood in awe of the glorious sight
before his eyes: nine golden domes of
St Basil’s Cathedral,
resplendent, a testimony to his power and might

He stood mesmerised, transfixed, perplexed,
and in his mind a thought took form,
somewhat dark,
a mark of a jealous streak,
not uncommon in those of high rank.

Overcome by emotion and blind envy,
he succumbed
to dark forces, issuing a royal command
to the royal guards:
“Summon the creator of St Basil’s to our court
and in secrecy do away with the instruments
of his creations! Go on, make it fast!”

They did exactly according to the royal decree:
The poor wretch was bound and gagged,
his eyes gouged out
before he could bring to life another
exquisite work of art –
for no edifice on earth should ever rival
the splendour of St Basil’s Cathedral!


Copyright © 2014 Irina Dimitric


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Ailing Rose – Kintsugi Poets Society BlogHop Day 4

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My little rose was wailing
Her soul and body ailing
“Can someone help me please
My pain and anguish ease?”

A sorcerer was lurking by
To catch a lost soul’s cry
To weave his ancient charm
A feeble reason to disarm

My little rose then took a gulp
Drank the potion from his cup
And her sweetest little heart
From me did instantly depart

Night and day I groaned
Day and night I moaned
Then a whisper from within
Urged me never to give in

So now I live from day to day
Hoping for my rose to say
“My drifting boat has come ashore
Let the darkness be no more.”

© irina dimitric 2013

Fateful Darkness

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Fateful Darkness

Out of blackness in the dark
Two bright torches shine
Your yellow eyes
A splendid work of art

As much as I’d like to
Stroke your fluffy coat
I can’t let you in
You black fiend

You’d tear to pieces
My little bird
My only pet
My only friend

So sorry, but now
You do understand
I must bid you
Good night!

Go do your bloody business
Stalking little critters
In the fateful darkness
To your heart’s delight!


© irina dimitric 2013

The Sower of Darkness

The Sower of Darkness
As dark as the darkest night
In ominous flight
Across the oceans, fields and cities
Had spread
His dismal wings
Sowing sorrow
Madness, plight

On his path
A human soul was caught
Pleading for mercy
All in vain
The Sower of Darkness
As dark as the darkest night
Of mercy knows nought
Destruction is his aim

Through the window
A glimmer of golden Hope
Flew in
Shone her bright light
On the troubled soul
Hid the mortal tool
Of polished steel
And the thick rope

The Sower of Darkness
His ultimate goal
Having lost his might
Decided to slowly
Crawl back
Into his gloomy hole

© irina dimitric 2012

Behind the Steel Door

The double thickness steel door opens wide
Musty darkness gaping from within
Iron hooks hanging from the wooden beam
The chamber’s ready, so is the team

An unwilling, squealing pig
To tear your heart apart
Four strong hands push inside
Then, the door is shut

Outside, life rolls on; inside, one will be cut
Faint little squeals reach my young heart
Then, all is quiet – the deed is done

The double thickness door opens wide
Ah, the steamy gory sight chokes your throat
Fresh, steaming blood crawls up your nose
And enters your living, heaving lungs

From the pink warm carcass crucified
Slit in half and opened up
Hot crimson liquid pours into a tin bowl
For your dinner tomorrow night
Blood sausages – the ones you like so much

Blood everywhere, thick and sticky
Steaming on the floor, on the walls
And on the butchers’ white coats
Pulsing red like Lady Macbeth
Like the hands of the butcher men

Quick, get some water, clean up the mess
The pig’s no more!
Come on, folks
Buy some fresh pork

© irina dimitric 2012