#CoffinHop | Adieu, Adieu…We have a winner


As all good things and bad things must eventually come to an end so the #CoffinHop “Terrible Myths & Legends” Death Masquerade has come to an end.


The witching hour has come and gone, the monsters, the myths, the legends, the creatures, the gods and goddesses have left this world of the living and returned to the Netherworlds.

But…we have a Best Masked Winner…

Johanna K. Pitcairn


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The Kintsugi Poets thank everyone who came and danced at the Masquerade Ball this year. The event was spectacular.

A special thank you to our #CoffinHop terrificfying Overlord and Master:
Axel Howerton for another amazing #CoffinHop. Roll on 2015.

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Time courtesy of Anna Laero (anina)

Mask & Chandelier courtesy of – kapturevision

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#CoffinHop | Requiem at The Death Masquerade Ball

Lost Identity by Tomasz Alen Kopera ©.

The time has come to bid adieu
Creatures remove their masks
The sirens sing a terrible requiem
The banshees shriek with unearthly delight
The werewolves howl into the night
The spirits moan with grief

Nasnus rattles his cage of bones and flesh trapped in rage and Grief
Ravens cackle and caw, taking wing bid their dark mistress Morrigan Adieu
Spirits wrathful, Spirits vengeful retreat into Van Gogh’s endless Night
She rises in fire born in Dragons’ breath, Leaving a trail of singed Masks
The fae dance a dirge as the night unmasks decay hidden in dead Delight
A keening claws at the air as the banshees sing their final Requiem

Ghostly queens, haunted kings dance to their madness in sweet Requiem
The sand walker drowns his prey in the immortal sands of Grief
Silvery sidhe spin the bewitched across the starburnt night in Delight
Spirits murdered long ago, kiss their beloved a hallowed Adieu
Samhain’s moon rises in skies of blood, the wild hunt tear away your masks
The gods cursed by pride flee into the murderous Night

Iridescent masks of silver stardust fall away revealing monsters of Night
Feasting on canapés of terror, feasting on nightmares in Hypnos’ Requiem
The blood moon rises, terrible creatures shed their faceless masks
Bones break, spines twist unmasking wolves driven mad by their Grief
Bound by their curse, madness is both their solace and Adieu
Only the forest and fog hide their bloodthirsty Delight

The forgotten gods revel in the music dancing in sinful Delight
Faceless Chaos in mask of anthracite, Nyx feared Queen of the Night
Beautiful Mesperyian cloaked in robes bloodied by those long bid Adieu
All creatures pale to the searing power of their King and Queen’s Requiem
Hades’ dark cruelty masked tonight, His lover’s torment his only Grief,
Persephone, a vision in liquid mercury, glides in his arms watched by Masks

Creatures remove their Masks
The banshees shriek with unearthly delight
The spirits moan with grief
The werewolves howl into the night
The sirens sing a terrible requiem
The time has come to bid adieu

All seekers of night and masks, Spirits of All Hallows’ eve bid you Adieu
Those graveyards are emptied as the dead rise with delight, to this Requiem
Forgotten is the grief, hush as the Spirits dance you into the Night

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning

Thank you for attending the Death Masquerade Ball this year.
All good and bad things come to an end, so too must our dance in the 2014 CoffinHop.
The creatures, gods and goddesses, myths and legends bid you all a dark adieu….time for the curtains between words and worlds to draw closed.
Adieu until CoffinHop 2015.

Thank you to our fellow coffinhoppers. Thank you to you curious folk who dared to hop past our coffins this year.

The entries are being tallied for our fabulous giveaway. The winner will be announced on Monday, 3rd November.

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photo credit: 尽在不言中 via photopin cc

Hush my little one, dry your tears
Sleep my child, forget your fears

Mummy’s here now, you’re safe and sound
The ghūls are far away, underground

The graveyard’s their home, and there they stay
So you’re safe from them, if you keep away

They need to feed, do beware
So let another, find their lair

Let their sacrifice, feed their lust
And give their life, for someone must

Else the ghūls will stray, into town
Choose a target, and strike them down

When they come, they’ll cause no fuss
Because they’ll change form, to one of us

They lure their victims, with such disguise
So remember this trick and don’t trust your eyes

The one way to tell, if it’s a ghūl
Is by their hooves, that’s the rule

What’s that you say? You see my feet
Yes they are hooved, but there’s no retreat

Your mummy’s already dead, I drank her blood
It tasted delicious, a warm dark flood

And as her life, began to fade
I thought of you and my mind was made

I’ll eat you first, and then the rest
Because I like… Children best

So be still my dear and don’t you cry
Your tears won’t save you, it’s time to die


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Midday Terror ~ #CoffinHop

IMAG0567 auto contrast light signed

Midday sunshine
Church bells ring through
Steamy fields
Farmers run for shelter
Helter skelter
Some climb up tall trees

Twelve bell strikes resound
The Midday Witch
Comes out of ground
Black snakes peak
From underneath
Her black peaked hat
The old bat
Is on the way
To catch her prey

Groan she does and cackles:
I will get you all
Hee hee hee
I’ll put you all in shackles
My faithful snakes will
Bite and smite
I’ll bake you in a cake
Or grill you as a steak
So there!
Hee hee hee

Now then
Wriggly, hissing beasts
From underneath
The black peaked hat released
Enjoy rampaging
An orgy staging
For Midday Witch’s feast!

Church bells ring
Angels sing
The Midnight Knight will bring
His mighty dagger
Keep at bay
The hissing mob
No child will ever sob
So there!

War now rages rife
Midnight Knight
A fair fight fights
For precious life
His dagger swishes, slashes
Red blood splashes all around!

The Midday Witch at last
Concedes defeat
With her wriggly, hissing band
She makes a swift retreat
Down the gaping hole
In blood-stained ground

Church bells ring
Children sing
What a day it’s been!
To Midday Witch
They bid goodbye
So long!
Until next year
At Halloween!


Copyright ©2014 Irina Dimitric


A walk into Night…#CoffinHop by richard lynn livesay

tortured soul

daunting pain that clouds my mind
cuts deep with guilt I cannot hide
and all seems lost, there is no time
so cries my soul for the other side

there is no peace or kind release
of faces left, voids of regret
this self-judgment will never cease
cries my soul for the other side

as darkness is my only friend
I take a walk into the night
to be in the void of the end
my soul cries for the other side

darkness creeps inside my brain
I slide into that darkened coil
that twists my nerves to insane
my soul cries for the other side

so I entered the other side
was filled with misery and grief
in a mirror of my soul, I cried
to see my soul in false belief

#CoffinHop delusions of sanity by richard lynn livesay


memories below the sea
in a dark void of nothingness
blanketed by shadows, I dissolve
into a form of scaly madness

thrown into a pit of vipers I swim
hissing my name in vain,
like rabid lepers in pain, I shriek

lost in underworld of entanglements
my life cuts deep as my psyche shutters
deranged, insane and rearranged in pain
my suicide note floats on a cat’s liver

depressed memories penetrate my limp corpse
covered in kelp on the sea bed, defamed
I scream then shrink into a dot of octopus ink
and become the eye of a tapping raven
stuck in limbo on a chamber door

I had failed to make the deadline of the CoffinHop
my blood soaked poem was eaten by an evil worm
then my computer contacted an Ebola Virus
I read my obituary on the ass of a black cat
“He was a poet, behind and without luck”

Spooky Door ~ #CoffinHop


P1150073 crop signed


There is someone outside the door.
Through the glass I see him pace.
The haunting dream I want no more.

His threats are harsh, “Open the door!
Or you shall know the worst disgrace!”
There is someone outside the door.

Are the threats real, or is he just a bore?
Quick, the door I’ll bolt. Just in case.
The haunting dream I want no more.

It won’t shut! I can’t bolt the blasted door!
He’ll get us now, I know. No hiding place.
There is someone outside the door!

The door remains ajar. We’re done for!
For us there is no breathing space.
The haunting dream I want no more.

At times, the wartime blood and gore
my sleep envelops in a black embrace.
There is someone outside the door.
The haunting dream I want no more.


Copyright © 2014 Irina Dimitric


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Monsters #CoffinHop

I still get chills in the dead of night
I still get scared of the dark, sometimes
You promised that you’d hold me tight
To keep me safe from monsters

Monsters that roam the streets
And are more men than myth
The ones that hold my mind under siege
Make me toss and turn – Hide under sheets

Your sheets were safe, or so it seemed
Bully for you, making me a fool
I never would’ve guessed they’d be your mask
And you’d be the greatest monster of all

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NEW LEGEND of Arco and Venus Water-lily By Richard Lynn Livesay #CoffinHop


I wasn’t sure. It was so long ago.
Was it the lightning storm or
The vivid dream that woke me?

Hours I paced around my room.
The dark shadows seemed to move,
Moonlight drifted through the window

The dream, a summons from the Council
“You must go on a dangerous mission
To save a maiden from Count Villus”.

Dad told me, “Someday the Council will call”
We were not a “normal” family. My dad,
Samilus, was part of the Nephilim, he

Had mated with my mortal Mother, I-Ann,
I am Arcos Demeter, part angel, part mortal
With metaphysical powers and compassion.

I arrived at the Count Villus’ mansion at sunset.
It was a dilapidated, three storied, dark structure with vines and mold.
As I walked to the door, I noticed a girl in the garden.

I knocked and the Count, a creepy, beady eyed old man, answered.
I told the Count that I was a bookkeeper looking for work
And would work for room and board.

Villus, invited me inside and showed me to my room.
It was musty with spider webs everywhere…and bats!
We passed two very large doors bolted shut.

Villus said, ”The doors lead to my dungeon where
Once a month, I entertain some of my friends.
You and my gardener should never enter these doors”.

I settled in and later met, Venus Water-lily, maiden-gardener.
We lived in separate rooms in a third story tower
And would meet and talk for hours after our work.

I explained to Lily why I was there and who I was.
Meanwhile I fashioned a peep-hole to the dungeon
And used it to spy on Villus’s depraved meetings

I watched sick rituals involving drinking blood from bowls,
Small animal mutilations, sex orgies and torture
As Villus and his clan walked around in black hoods

One night, hearing the eerie incantations of the group,
I opened my spy-hole and was frozen in time.
There on a dungeon table, lay the nude body of Lily.

Suddenly I became “other-worldly” and filled with energy.
My body swelled, my mind intensified, my mission had arrived.
I became a wave of particles and teleported to the locked door.

I walked straight through, the chanting stopped as black hoods turned.
Some raised their knives as Count Villus came forward. He said,
“Boy, come in and meet our Master, Beelzebub and watch the sacrifice”.

My energy exploded inside and sent a gale-force wind thru the room.
I spat on the floor causing a flash of lightening and from the smoke
Appeared a snorting, beautiful, solid white, winged stallion.

Mounting the stallion, I withdrew a magical, flaming sword from the scabbard.
As we advanced, all that tried to harm me, lost their heads.
Villus was the only one left; he stood with a knife to Lily’s throat

She whimpered softly but then remembered what Arco had taught her.
Lily breathed in and envisioned her skin as a body of armor.
Her body stiffened as she looked at Arco saying, “I’m covered”.

Arco advanced as Villus stabbed but couldn’t penetrate.
Arco reached down grabbing Villus by the throat, lifting him up.
They slowly walked to the wall where the hand of Villus was pinned.

Then the other hand pinned as Villus screamed obscenities,writhing in spasms.
Arco untied lily, wrapped her in a sheet and held her in front of him.
Looking at her with overwhelming love, he asked, “Will you marry me?”

“O, Yes”! She said as a force surrounded them and they flew through the walls
Into a beautiful starry night, transporting them on a wave of moonbeams.

(The Council smiled, then granted them stewardship of a Pleiades planet
Where they lived, raising a family in love, peace and joy)

Purification by Ash Krafton #CoffinHop


by Ash Krafton


It was the most beautiful of snow falls–

serenity fell in a hush

thick flakes shushing onto branch and bush

to lie undisturbed, spreading a sweet clean shroud over the still outpost

and the silence was a prayer that smogged out in a thick layer.


Even the wilds were subdued and still–

no bird nor forest-dweller broke the smoky, breathless twilight

or the cold bright morning that followed

when all that remained of the extermination

was the heart-aching beauty of crystalline stillness.

Cobalt shadows and fiery sunrise played upon the uneven field of white

gentle shades echoing the intense blazes that had long burned out.


If a single survivor remained to witness this singular scene

surely he’d have sworn upon his life

that the village had been touched by God’s hand,

littered with angels’ down, a wintery blessing

But the spoilers are gone, the outpost departed.

Silence lies undisturbed, a town denied sound

by the advent of untimely season’s end.


When Spring comes–if Spring comes–

the snow will melt, a quiet memory

revealing the men now dead and gone.

Dragons had cleansed the land.

Ruin of body and town

char and blood and terror and grief

extinguished, interred,


and gone.



I wasn’t kidding when I invited you to hop with us.