Drakensberg Triptych | Night | #NaPoWriMo

I do not have a name for this feeling,
This deep wide open space within me
My eyes search for blood saturated sunsets,
My mouth yearns for the raw taste of dust.
My ears listen for the screech of crickets
They hear the rustle of grasses
My skin aches to feel the gentle heat of its sun
I see endless plains behind the veil of closed eyes
I dream of the acridly fresh smell of a summer storm
My spine shivers as the sky turns dark green
I watch forks of electricity shock the noon sky
And the ancient dragon cocoons into a blue chameleon
An eggplant curtain is torn open as showers of hard stones bruise the earth
Steam rises as the hard ground melts before baking
I fall asleep to an orchestra of sound and chaos
Crickets screeching, frogs bellowing, snakes hissing
I hold my hand in front of my face and all I see is a vacuum of shadow
The eye cannot measure the boundaries of this night shadow
Only the fireballs of space draw its shadow in pieces of light
These ancient guards of the night know the depths of Africa’s soul
As I know the untameable wildness within my African heart…bani gama lako

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.


Drakensberg Triptych | Afternoon | #NaPoWriMo

I feel dreams cascading down the waterfall of my memory.
I feel the power of life terrible in its fragility.
I look inside myself and feel the whisper of sadness raining beneath tears
of joy.
I close my eyes and I am covered in sound.
I remember the strength of Africa –
An aged land that holds the key to the mysteries of life and death,
Love and hate, joy and fear, quiet and chaos.
I shut my eyes and see the brilliant white light caught in the forked
As the air crashes around me with the thunder of her power.
I hear the echoes of silence caught between the whispers of God’s heartbeats
Then Africa rains, freely and unashamedly she mourns the death of another day.

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

Drakensberg Triptych | Dawn | #NaPoWriMo

Lost in the mists of time
The dragon lies sleeping,
His hot breath forms clouds
Holding the fierceness that is his beauty.
Dawn dances over his scales
As his muscles ripple in harmony,
Her soft light touches each horn
And his heavy tail slides into sight.
The walls of air fade into sky
While dawn blushes in joy,
Her lips curve into a smile
Anticipating his wakefulness.
As dawn’s sweet singing
Fills the dragon’s lair,
His eye opens to gaze on her
With a passion aflame with fire.

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.