Nightmare in Red

Window Red

Nocturnal encounter impending
Involuntary, shadow rendezvous
Garnet eyes peer from your dreams
Haunting your thoughts and soul
Titian tinted visions in ambience
Maroon shades stir from dark places
And your crimson heart thrashes
Repulsion chills your ruby blood
Eternally, perpetually, unbound

Instinctively, your eyes flutter
Never aware, no longer alone

Remnants of a bloodstained echo
Entangled in shreds of soft red vapour
Draped across your scarlet screams


© All Rights Reserved A. F. Stewart


Pieces of broken glass

cutting into your hands

A mirror image of perfection

– just shards of imperfection –

An image cast in glass

a shadow lost in ideals;

A heart lost in shadows

a past haunting the spirit.

Beware the mirror image

look for the shadow hiding

A perfect crystal holding

a deadly mask of hurt.

Falling into space and time

melding into your dreams;

Fall for the princess

wake to the pauper.

Time has no meaning

and love has no truth;

One is left with the bare nudity

of a soul in need.

Look behind the perfection

look behind the ideal;

You’ll find a human being

just someone lost and unloved.


*published 2002*

-Emotional Journeys, Anthology of Verse,

Poetry Institute of Africa

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.