Falling Together

Failing to get her,
In life,
Falling together,
In love…

Frail thing for sure,
Such strife,
Faltering, no tether,
A shove…

Then together the pieces fall,
Into disarray, so out of place,
Far from the safety of walls,
Filling up the empty spaces…

Fragments of forsaken memories,
Lament delicious disorders,
Pain is only temporary,
Elusively woven discord..

Fall and sever,
In spite,
Stall forever,
This fate,

Feeling clever,
Then trite,
Feeble endeavor,
Too late…

And endure, becoming one with all,
Today, the pieces of this face,
Upon it the tear-faded scrawls,
Of ever fleeting disgrace…

Thinly veiled apologies,
Test sanity’s waning borders,
Muddling the commentary,
Left with this final word…