Midday Terror ~ #CoffinHop

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Midday sunshine
Church bells ring through
Steamy fields
Farmers run for shelter
Helter skelter
Some climb up tall trees

Twelve bell strikes resound
The Midday Witch
Comes out of ground
Black snakes peak
From underneath
Her black peaked hat
The old bat
Is on the way
To catch her prey

Groan she does and cackles:
I will get you all
Hee hee hee
I’ll put you all in shackles
My faithful snakes will
Bite and smite
I’ll bake you in a cake
Or grill you as a steak
So there!
Hee hee hee

Now then
Wriggly, hissing beasts
From underneath
The black peaked hat released
Enjoy rampaging
An orgy staging
For Midday Witch’s feast!

Church bells ring
Angels sing
The Midnight Knight will bring
His mighty dagger
Keep at bay
The hissing mob
No child will ever sob
So there!

War now rages rife
Midnight Knight
A fair fight fights
For precious life
His dagger swishes, slashes
Red blood splashes all around!

The Midday Witch at last
Concedes defeat
With her wriggly, hissing band
She makes a swift retreat
Down the gaping hole
In blood-stained ground

Church bells ring
Children sing
What a day it’s been!
To Midday Witch
They bid goodbye
So long!
Until next year
At Halloween!


Copyright ©2014 Irina Dimitric



shattered window glass and swinging chains


ccc ra ck!


snake slithers through vines—abandon—sssss

winding path to crocked

house and leafless trees

blood on porch—dribbles and drops

the wayward night with rumbling crack!

door creaks drifts on dangling hinges—rrrrrrrr




chandelier swings in ruddy night—lit

whispering candles


they cry out

wailing—the blood-born moon

And in the foyer, listless—wrist vein



droplets weave through vines

candles flicker



© All Rights Reserved Caroline Adele O’Brien