Child bangs on the door.

Roof’s heart beats to trembling rain.

“Help me!” cries the child.

Walls shriek with each winded breath.

Windows reach their shutters out.

Child is stolen in the mist.



© All Rights Reserved Caroline Adele O’Brien




Irish Lament

Bring me home, oh roaming wave
to breathe my last by the shore.
Lay blooms on my gloaming grave;
wildflowers, that I adore.

In youth I raced the ocean,
my wild heart set to wander.
Dusk shadowed my devotion,
so on death I now ponder.

Ireland waits, oh fair isle,
beyond this froth of sea foam.
Gone are days of no care, while
mortality brings me home.

© All Rights Reserved A. F. Stewart
From the book Reflections of Poetry