? [ #NaPoWriMo ]

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When I open my eyes, do I see?
When I open my ears, do I listen?
I look but my focus is blurred
I hear but space drowns out all sense
Am I awake or am I dreaming alive?
Is the door behind me still open?
Am I allowed to step back through time?
Is the heart within me still unbroken?
Is the spirit deeper still untouched?
Who have I become and where have I gone?
There seems to be space before me
I could step back from the edge
And give in to all my fear
But the gypsy spirit within me shouts out No
Fear has no hold on this girl, I step out

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

Who stares back at me? | #NaPoWriMo

I stand in front of a mirror
The reflection is watery
I peer at the mirror of my decisions
I am swallowed into the waters of reality
I have let the image swallow me
I fell into the world’s deceit
Dreams are unfulfilled, childish
I lost them to become an adult
Now I stand in front of their mirror
I feel like I am in a circus
I do not know this person in front of me
My fist smashes through the lie
Who stares back at me now?

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.