Leading the Blind

No sight is ever left behind,
Except when money can be made,
Then the ignorance is palpable,
Preying on all the dupable,
It is their only stock and trade,
By them all evil is defined…

They love only their own kind,
Only for a price is fury stayed,
Though they are quite capable,
Yours is a loss acceptable,
Your wages are already paid,
Just another of the lowly blind…

No straight path you’ll ever find,
Save the trenches where the young are laid,
You become one of countless parables,
By your blood, our land is arable,
By your loyalty you are betrayed,
Trust them, you won’t even mind…

Ages past, the contract was signed,
Paper, ink, and seal decayed,
Untarnished though, are all the fables,
You dream of feasts at heavenly tables,
Until every hair has greyed,
Then at last, your coffin is lined…

On the Verge of Years

It has been too long, I fear,
Since this stony cheek has felt a tear,
Too long since I made the choice,
To wrong her and lose her voice…

Somewhere in the shadow of these fears,
Something bitter coaxes sweet tears,
Reviewed, the aftermath of so many choices,
Imbued by all of their loving voices…

My heart is a rock and a hard place,
My love is between it, hiding her face,
Lest I say again what should have been,
Ignoring once more the quandary within…

Of all the times, of all the places,
Through all the pages, and all the faces,
Worn like the statue I shall ever be,
Can’t keep the cracks from letting the rain in…

Urging on tears, encroached by jeers,
Conscience sears, no cries it hears,
Of my sins dears, acceptance nears,
On the verge of years…


Seasons change, mountains turn to sand,
Rivers run dry, sea withers to land,
But my brutality shall last forever,
Never shall I loosen this hand,
Ever will it bear the brand…

First to shed blood,
To cry remorseful tears,
Left my brother in the mud,
Forgot his name after many years.

All for a sacrifice born of vanity,
Rejection drove me to insanity,
My only recourse was to sever,
Turned sacred ritual into profanity,
Sold for a song my humanity…

Tears become a flood,
As conscience sears,
At that sickening thud,
Confirming darkest fears.

Falling Together

Failing to get her,
In life,
Falling together,
In love…

Frail thing for sure,
Such strife,
Faltering, no tether,
A shove…

Then together the pieces fall,
Into disarray, so out of place,
Far from the safety of walls,
Filling up the empty spaces…

Fragments of forsaken memories,
Lament delicious disorders,
Pain is only temporary,
Elusively woven discord..

Fall and sever,
In spite,
Stall forever,
This fate,

Feeling clever,
Then trite,
Feeble endeavor,
Too late…

And endure, becoming one with all,
Today, the pieces of this face,
Upon it the tear-faded scrawls,
Of ever fleeting disgrace…

Thinly veiled apologies,
Test sanity’s waning borders,
Muddling the commentary,
Left with this final word…

Nocturnal Dripping of Heartstrings

Musical screams, an exsanguinated heart,
Heartstrings fray and begin to fall apart
Departure of the sole crescendo,
Cresting waves of a suffering soul,
Stolen breath, the audience in awe,
Awful sounds are made into art,
Start to finish, this symphony enslaves,
It craves attention, it hungers still,
Stilling every breathless protest,
Ingesting their inhibitions like wine,
Finely tuned by a master’s touch,
Such a bittersweet solemn tale,
Vale of sorrow, filled with remorse,
Hoarse now, the music must fade,
Betrayed the muse who gave it power,
Hours become centuries of silence,

Since then, no merciful recompense…