Step Into The Darkness

Living in Shadows

Are you broken?
Are you battered?
Are you shaking?
Are you shattered?

Do you hear the night-time screaming?
Out your name
In the hours when you’re dreaming?
A waiting game

It’s coming
It’s coming
It’s coming
It’s here

© All Rights Reserved A. F. Stewart


Nightmare in Red

Window Red

Nocturnal encounter impending
Involuntary, shadow rendezvous
Garnet eyes peer from your dreams
Haunting your thoughts and soul
Titian tinted visions in ambience
Maroon shades stir from dark places
And your crimson heart thrashes
Repulsion chills your ruby blood
Eternally, perpetually, unbound

Instinctively, your eyes flutter
Never aware, no longer alone

Remnants of a bloodstained echo
Entangled in shreds of soft red vapour
Draped across your scarlet screams


© All Rights Reserved A. F. Stewart

On The Night that Halloween Falls

Copper Moon

A mist of breath,

in the black of night

with a stark echo

of maddening laughter.

An instinctive shiver,

a quickened pace,

chased by the wind

and ever growing fear.

In the far darkness

the wolves are wailing…

© All Rights Reserved A. F. Stewart

Pumpkin Insert


In The Dark

Alone in my room

The curtains twist in the wind

I swear the chilled air has thinned


Curling up with doom

Something creeps along the hall

Can hear its breath through the wall



© All Rights Reserved Caroline Adele O’Brien