Emotions at Tide


Undisturbed turbulence veiled by a calm tranquility,

Unleashed by the Earth’s might

Let its Spirit enfold;

Strange yet magnificent in its complexity

Known to change the essence of the mould.

The placidity, complex in the very simplicity

Known to affect the heart of the matter;

The slow ebb and flow of this inner city

One heightened wave meant to shatter.

The crest at the height

One with both the sun of the day

And the ghostly night shadowed in opaque moonlight;

Ebb and flow, ebb and flow nearing the bay.

Tumult of the heart, contradiction in the mind

Causing torment and pain with an ever-present falter;

Reason and logical thought bound as if by a halter:

Innocence borne out of knowledge

Ceased is the ability to solve,

A problem without the logic of college

All that is needed is involved;

One solution is true:

The answer of Love is the glue

meant to shatter,

in truth to matter…

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

Craving the Ocean: A Poem

Craving the Ocean

Sometimes, our bodies stand in
Darkness, with loss of our frames,
Without use of the limbs assigned to us.

Sometimes, our words mix with cement
And render our mouths useless,
Even when we crave the sounds of
Our own voices.

Sometimes, our hunger for warmth
Leads us to hallways without windows,
Where we eat on our memories that
Dig furiously into our goals.

Sometimes, I wish our bodies could
Swim like dolphins,
Sometimes, I wish the limbs,
The flesh that you once held,
Would fall to the ocean’s bottom
And grow new roots that
Possess no dirt or shame.

©2013 Christy Birmingham

Irish Lament

Bring me home, oh roaming wave
to breathe my last by the shore.
Lay blooms on my gloaming grave;
wildflowers, that I adore.

In youth I raced the ocean,
my wild heart set to wander.
Dusk shadowed my devotion,
so on death I now ponder.

Ireland waits, oh fair isle,
beyond this froth of sea foam.
Gone are days of no care, while
mortality brings me home.

© All Rights Reserved A. F. Stewart
From the book Reflections of Poetry