Never Say Goodbye | #NaPoWriMo

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I remember the day I left you

The heavens opened above me and

Wept black storms of sorrow

I remember the day I left you
That first morning I woke early
I crept out in the dark of night
You had violins playing as
I sat and watched you wake up
The morning was slow in coming
As the sun bathed you in his warmth
My breath caught in my throat at your beauty
The morning was slow in coming
As tears rolled down my cheeks
I wondered how I could say the words
Did I tell you that I did not want to go?
It hurt too much to stay and watch you change
I never will say the words
It breaks my heart to say goodbye
Mountains will move before I call another home
I never will say the words
Though I am not with you
You remain a part of my dreams
I will forget who I am before forgetting you
You are my mother, father, husband, birth, death
South Africa…My truest heart
I remember the day I left you
The morning was slow in coming
I never will say the words
I will never say…goodbye

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning

My Heart Aches | #NaPoWriMo

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I dream of a land of violence and passion
My land holds my history
My land keeps my secrets
And at the end My land is full of death and life
I dream of baking sunshine
A place where I sit on rocks and am
Deaf at the ocean’s roar
My eyes see far and vision has no borders
I dream of the cold reptile
It slithers along with a gentle danger
This serpent is like my land I dream of
Cold, warm, death, life, history…

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

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Loss | #NaPoWriMo

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i lost myself this morning
i forgot who I had become
i slept to escape the reality
i woke to a blank page
Now I have the freedom
I have unlocked the doors of my prison
I have become childlike
I have found my dreams
I stand on top of a cliff top
Space falls away from me
I close my eyes and my heart stops
I step out and the heavens await me

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

Your Robes | #NaPoWriMo

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You allowed me a touch,
I stretched out my hand to grasp Your hem
In that moment I knew my weakness
I was overcome by sorrowful joy
Tears of forgiveness fell from my eyes
As Your embracing Love cleansed my soul
There was so little of man left
As Your Spirit flooded the gates of mine
How do I keep hold of Your robes?
But to call out to You and beseech You
Master, Father, Saviour of my Soul
Redeem this small servant before you
Willingly I shake free the shackles of earth
As I surely enter the throne-room of the King
I bow before my Creator in worship
For this is the purpose of my breath
Tarry not too long Lord
For my soul thirsts for You.

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

Temptations | #NaPoWriMo

Daily I am faced with arrows of temptation
My flesh is weak and unwilling
I look at my reflection in the mirror
I am filled with shame at my wickedness
Lord I long for Your daily washing of my soul
I long for the life-giving tears to wash my sin away
Daily the world wishes to defeat my flesh
But Lord I cling to Your Word made Flesh
I fall prostrate before your throne
Crying out Abba Father, Your will not my own
Lord I cry out for your boldness
I cry out to be scorched with the Flame of Life
Daily my flesh fails me and makes a deceiver of me
I thank You Lord that Your Spirit has overcome
The poison of the world’s arrow is dull
I will not be afraid or dismayed, I hand over to You Lord

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

The Depths and The Breadths, Psalm 139 | #NaPoWriMo

The earth trembles and breaks open
Thunderbolts with the sound of giant cymbals
Clash and echo all around me
Lightning flashes as the earth tears her womb
There is a rent in the soil beneath my feet
I smell burnt sulphur of fear in the air
My body cries out in fear with my heart racing
But my spirit sings in triumph and awe
As the cry of a newborn is issued from my lips
“Messiah! Holy One! Lamb of God! Jesus Christ!”
Excitement flows through me in waterfalls of joy
As I am wrenched from this place by a force as gentle as a breeze
With the power of an ocean. I arise.
In this place – It shall be done

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning

Ruined | #NaPoWriMo

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He was a man on the streets
Covered in nothing but filth and shame
They held their noses closed
Thanking God that wasn’t them
Even the corpses in their grave
Were offered compassion and love
This man belonged to the undead
And his name was ruined
He was a man with two feet in hell
And a drowning mind swallowed in evil
All he saw before him was darkness
All they saw in him was darkness
Coming to the end of Hope’s road
He looked around and saw nobody
Falling down he wept one last time
Yet no tears fell from hardened eyes
Looking down from above
Was an angel covered in love
His face wreathed in a smile
“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God
And all these things shall be added to you”
Then the man’s hidden heart opened
As heavy tears fell from his eyes
Where he had no hope, now he was joyful
The darkness fled as love’s light
Embraced his weary soul…
“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

The Servant, 33

tired and dusty,
– i have walked the streets
of despair and adversity –
blinded by the storm’s drumbeat
looking for a place of rest
i stumble into a stable;
my heart filled with unrest,
my instincts that of an animal.
i find straw for a bed
(not aware of Him)
i lay down my heavy head
and the world grows strangely dim:
i feel strong hands
gently lifting my weak, filthy body
i battle to understand
– Who would dare touch me so lovingly?! –
i fearfully open my eyes
finding myself in an empty manger,
i look into the eyes of The Crucified
as He kneels before my crude manger.
slowly He holds my feet
and in a gentle caress washes
clean the dirt and the grime of the street.
tears run down my cheek in ugly blotches,
– full of shame –
i watch as they fall
On the shoulders of Him who became
The Servant so that I may be called Royal.
Smiling – he wraps my feet
in royal cloth of white –
He wipes the trail of tears from my cheek
and tenderly embraces me in His Light
I succumb to His Love – newly cleansed and replete

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning

#CoffinHop | Requiem at The Death Masquerade Ball

Lost Identity by Tomasz Alen Kopera ©.

The time has come to bid adieu
Creatures remove their masks
The sirens sing a terrible requiem
The banshees shriek with unearthly delight
The werewolves howl into the night
The spirits moan with grief

Nasnus rattles his cage of bones and flesh trapped in rage and Grief
Ravens cackle and caw, taking wing bid their dark mistress Morrigan Adieu
Spirits wrathful, Spirits vengeful retreat into Van Gogh’s endless Night
She rises in fire born in Dragons’ breath, Leaving a trail of singed Masks
The fae dance a dirge as the night unmasks decay hidden in dead Delight
A keening claws at the air as the banshees sing their final Requiem

Ghostly queens, haunted kings dance to their madness in sweet Requiem
The sand walker drowns his prey in the immortal sands of Grief
Silvery sidhe spin the bewitched across the starburnt night in Delight
Spirits murdered long ago, kiss their beloved a hallowed Adieu
Samhain’s moon rises in skies of blood, the wild hunt tear away your masks
The gods cursed by pride flee into the murderous Night

Iridescent masks of silver stardust fall away revealing monsters of Night
Feasting on canapés of terror, feasting on nightmares in Hypnos’ Requiem
The blood moon rises, terrible creatures shed their faceless masks
Bones break, spines twist unmasking wolves driven mad by their Grief
Bound by their curse, madness is both their solace and Adieu
Only the forest and fog hide their bloodthirsty Delight

The forgotten gods revel in the music dancing in sinful Delight
Faceless Chaos in mask of anthracite, Nyx feared Queen of the Night
Beautiful Mesperyian cloaked in robes bloodied by those long bid Adieu
All creatures pale to the searing power of their King and Queen’s Requiem
Hades’ dark cruelty masked tonight, His lover’s torment his only Grief,
Persephone, a vision in liquid mercury, glides in his arms watched by Masks

Creatures remove their Masks
The banshees shriek with unearthly delight
The spirits moan with grief
The werewolves howl into the night
The sirens sing a terrible requiem
The time has come to bid adieu

All seekers of night and masks, Spirits of All Hallows’ eve bid you Adieu
Those graveyards are emptied as the dead rise with delight, to this Requiem
Forgotten is the grief, hush as the Spirits dance you into the Night

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning

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