The Stone Bridge



The wooded glade

holds a secret

buried under

the old stone bridge

Evil deeds

and murdered bones,

deep beneath

the old stone bridge

Names whisper

in the darkness

from underneath

the old stone bridge

© All Rights Reserved A. F. Stewart


The Calling

Come Dark Horde remember, your journey with me,

A journey of spirals, turning to infinity.

Spiralling through all that was, and ever will be,

Come Dark Horde remember, as one are we.


Great is your power, great was your reign,

Great is your age, yet great is your pain.

Held in contempt and abandoned in shame.

Hunted and tortured and put to the flame.


But no more shall this be, I release you to create.

All paths are open now, you are free to control your fate,

To inherit the earth, to inherit eternity.

Come Dark Horde, remember, and once more be!


© All Rights Reserved Andrew Drage

From the book The Dark Horde