To know the future

Is to know the horror to come

To know what stalks us

Calling from the darkness inside


How do I explain

The forces that words can’t describe?

Who can believe me

And stop them before it’s too late?


These words I speak, these things I feel

I want you to understand, and see it is real

My will grows weary, strained is my breath

All that’s left now is to wait for…




Your puppet strings I pull like reins

I suck the life that flows through your veins

I poison your mind with confusion and hate

Ever-present, I alone control your fate


Open your eyes and see that I am master

Running from me will only bring you faster

With lies, I drug you, deceive you and taunt you

You’ll not find truth for only I know what is true


You think you know me, when you don’t even know yourself

You try to hide from me behind your science, religion and wealth

Yet these are my weapons, and mine alone to deploy

Using hate of race, hate of place, hate of face, I only destroy


For at the end of it all, at a time you will not see

There will be nothing left, only death, only me!



© All Rights Reserved Andrew Drage

From the forthcoming album The Calling



It isn’t me or what I planned

I’m victim to a force that takes command

They rule my thoughts and force my hand

Why does no one understand?


Save me I pray, from this fate

I did not want and did not create

My prayers go unanswered, what can I do?

They will destroy me and destroy you


Nobody sees, nobody knows

Where anger feeds and malice grows

Hate in my heart, fire in my brain

What is fantasy and what is sane?


They will destroy me and destroy you

How can I live, when this is true?

All hope is lost, I want to die

To end it all, but fear to try


Helpless, abandoned, victim am I

Night has fallen, dark is the sky

Darkness through which I cannot see

Darkness corrupts inside of me


Malignant, eternal, a hidden blight

Casting life into deepest night

Black in mind, black in heart

Slowly tearing our souls apart


There’s no escape that I can see

The Dark Horde are, will always be

They come for me, they come for you

The Dark Horde are, their time is due


© All Rights Reserved Andrew Drage

From the forthcoming album The Calling




Take my hand, render me blind

Hide from me the fear that grips my mind

I want to live, I want to be

No longer want to know nor want to see


For now my world’s a dark void where no hope exists

And despite my efforts, only the dark persists

The Dark Horde will soon be victorious, that I clearly see

And then these words shall be all, all that’s left of me


I wish to erase from my mind all I now know

Delude myself and forever dwell in truth’s shadow

But I know it’s useless, for our souls they’ve already won

So let these words be a warning of what’s to come…



© All Rights Reserved Andrew Drage

From the forthcoming album The Calling

The Calling

Come Dark Horde remember, your journey with me,

A journey of spirals, turning to infinity.

Spiralling through all that was, and ever will be,

Come Dark Horde remember, as one are we.


Great is your power, great was your reign,

Great is your age, yet great is your pain.

Held in contempt and abandoned in shame.

Hunted and tortured and put to the flame.


But no more shall this be, I release you to create.

All paths are open now, you are free to control your fate,

To inherit the earth, to inherit eternity.

Come Dark Horde, remember, and once more be!


© All Rights Reserved Andrew Drage

From the book The Dark Horde

Darkening Room

Darkening room… Growing darker.


Light fades… Shadows merge.


Evil lurks… Creeping closer.


A sudden chill… Grips my soul.


Am I conscious? All is dizzy.


Where is body? Mind is bending.


Something’s calling… Overwhelming.


Falling into darkness… Never-ending.



© All Rights Reserved Andrew Drage

From the book The Dark Horde