To Perseverance (ghazal)


I sought my refuge, day and night, while dreaming of a life empowered

A sacred sanctuary suite, spread high atop enchanted towers.


My weary steps shall find relief, my trek through desert, wilds, and plain

and I shall raise my face to clouds that drench me in redeeming showers.


I spy the spire, struck aloft, a gleam of polished well-fit stone

that pierces sky and stretches tall, with circlets of fresh dampened flowers.


So close, so close! I see the door, which swings wide open, greeting me

but every step I take toward brings me no closer to the tower.


What treach’ry, this? What wicked spell could stretch this path eternally?

My wish, my dream, just out of reach—I stand abandoned by the tower.


So still I trudge, and still I trudge, no seconds pass, no days or hours

and I shall turn to dust and ash before I reach my phantom towers.