#CoffinHop | Requiem at The Death Masquerade Ball

Lost Identity by Tomasz Alen Kopera ©.

The time has come to bid adieu
Creatures remove their masks
The sirens sing a terrible requiem
The banshees shriek with unearthly delight
The werewolves howl into the night
The spirits moan with grief

Nasnus rattles his cage of bones and flesh trapped in rage and Grief
Ravens cackle and caw, taking wing bid their dark mistress Morrigan Adieu
Spirits wrathful, Spirits vengeful retreat into Van Gogh’s endless Night
She rises in fire born in Dragons’ breath, Leaving a trail of singed Masks
The fae dance a dirge as the night unmasks decay hidden in dead Delight
A keening claws at the air as the banshees sing their final Requiem

Ghostly queens, haunted kings dance to their madness in sweet Requiem
The sand walker drowns his prey in the immortal sands of Grief
Silvery sidhe spin the bewitched across the starburnt night in Delight
Spirits murdered long ago, kiss their beloved a hallowed Adieu
Samhain’s moon rises in skies of blood, the wild hunt tear away your masks
The gods cursed by pride flee into the murderous Night

Iridescent masks of silver stardust fall away revealing monsters of Night
Feasting on canapés of terror, feasting on nightmares in Hypnos’ Requiem
The blood moon rises, terrible creatures shed their faceless masks
Bones break, spines twist unmasking wolves driven mad by their Grief
Bound by their curse, madness is both their solace and Adieu
Only the forest and fog hide their bloodthirsty Delight

The forgotten gods revel in the music dancing in sinful Delight
Faceless Chaos in mask of anthracite, Nyx feared Queen of the Night
Beautiful Mesperyian cloaked in robes bloodied by those long bid Adieu
All creatures pale to the searing power of their King and Queen’s Requiem
Hades’ dark cruelty masked tonight, His lover’s torment his only Grief,
Persephone, a vision in liquid mercury, glides in his arms watched by Masks

Creatures remove their Masks
The banshees shriek with unearthly delight
The spirits moan with grief
The werewolves howl into the night
The sirens sing a terrible requiem
The time has come to bid adieu

All seekers of night and masks, Spirits of All Hallows’ eve bid you Adieu
Those graveyards are emptied as the dead rise with delight, to this Requiem
Forgotten is the grief, hush as the Spirits dance you into the Night

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning

Thank you for attending the Death Masquerade Ball this year.
All good and bad things come to an end, so too must our dance in the 2014 CoffinHop.
The creatures, gods and goddesses, myths and legends bid you all a dark adieu….time for the curtains between words and worlds to draw closed.
Adieu until CoffinHop 2015.

Thank you to our fellow coffinhoppers. Thank you to you curious folk who dared to hop past our coffins this year.

The entries are being tallied for our fabulous giveaway. The winner will be announced on Monday, 3rd November.

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