hate is not an emotion…


Learned at an early age no one knew his power, he was a wolf turned loose on unsuspecting prey
She and her uncle had a on-going play date, unfortunately abusing his family’s trust wasn’t his greatest sin
While the parents were away, the dear uncle would terrorize the young girl in the worst way
Innocence stolen and childhood lost, lessons learned never to be undone
Hate is not an emotion, it is a mate

Off to college, time for exploration, growth and fun
Learning, adventure, friends, athletics, laughter, all undone by the daggers of life
Tragic death of mom and dad, the dear uncle blocked all attempts to protect her little sister
In the eyes of the court, the dear uncle was the perfect caregiver
Hate is not an emotion, it is a lifestyle

College complete, career decisions to be made
Offered to coach volleyball, a different path existed
Law school was the choice, before a life in the Secret Service
If she couldn’t protect the one she loved most, she would protect the one who was the most powerful
Hate is not an emotion, it is a powers source

Three Presidents all knew her name, her reputation grew but not faster than her fame
Dedicated, Honest, Vigilant, Powerful, Demanding, Prevailing were the games of her name
On 9-11 her will conquered incompetence, the President shuttled into town on the most secret of ways
The world thinks they know the truth it was all a ruse, but that is a story for another time
Hate is not an emotion, it is a way to serve

Loss called at two am, her sister perished after a drug fueled night
A visit with her dear uncle, following the saddest of wakes
Appearing at the door his time was nigh, he was no longer alone as death was his visitor
Knowledge in the way of law maliciously planned, the perfect murder was ruthlessly executed
Hate is not an emotion, it keeps me warm at night

Years later a new day was offered, the call came from three men she thought she knew
A way to serve free from distraction, it was okay to leave the pedophiles in traction
No killing was the only rule, she found Heaven on Earth with violence as her calling card
Protecting those who could not protect themselves became her new mission
Hate is not an emotion, it is who I am