#CoffinHop – Wild Hunt Duo

Copper Moon


Night of the Hunter’s Moon


They come by the moonlight

off the mountain, from the mist,

riding in the darkened night.

They come by the moonlight,

for their eve of haunting flight.

Hear the horn, by Death be kissed

They come by the moonlight

off the mountain from the mist


Sunset Ride


When the sunset sweeps that painted sky

and muted twilight steals across the earth,

He smiles…

When the crickets chirp, and the owls hoot,

when trembling mortals speak their prayers,

He rides…


Inside the storm, through the howling wind,

and the souls of a thousand dead, following.

Upon the wild, dark horse with scarlet eyes

he reigns the night, and brings the Wild Hunt.

Fear the horn, shrink from the echo of hoof beats

Flee his forever path, scorched and burning.

© All Rights Reserved A. F. Stewart

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